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Candy Bouquet w/ Massage
Regular bouquet Includes 60 min. Relaxation Massage
Price: $75.00
Couples- Massage Tips- Session
120 min. Couples experience tips from a professional therapist while practicing on each other
Price: $135.00
Body Scrub Certificate
exfoliate and hydrate the skin leaving it soft and glowing - 60 mins.
Price: $95.00
Gift Certificate-DM
Deep Tissue Massage-1hr
Price: $70.00
Hot Stone Massage Certificate
soothing heated therapy and massage 60 mins.
Price: $60.00
Gift Certificate-RM
Relaxation Massage-1hr
Price: $40.00
Enhancer/ Siesta Trinity
30 mins. Scrub/Beverage/ Siesta (nap)
Price: $35.00
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