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My name is Jacquelyn Orange, I am a Pastor, teacher, dance instructor, cook and many other things I tend to do when the opportunity arise to better myself or my congregation. I use my hands and arms a lot, but I thank God for Nicole being in my corner. I had a great deal of discomfort in my right shoulder, arms, hands and my neck, but when I keep my massage therapy appointments  I feel much better and the pain is minimized a lot!! I look forward every week to my massage treatments with Massage Trinity. Making this connection is one of the better things that has happen to me since moving here to Jacksonville, FL.
Being a busy mom FIRST and a business woman, finding the time for myself can be difficult, but when I do, I go to Massage Trinity. I am away from all the things I have going on. When I get there, they help me put everything else on pause, so I can relax and enjoy my relaxation, hot-stone or deep tissue massage and a touch up of body waxing and sootheing facial services to help me feel like a "Lady", again! I am so glad I was referred to Massage Trinity the services are professional. You arrive and leave in a tranquil state of mind. Massage Trinity is needed for all busy moms and business women. They have helped me to be better for my family and at work. Thanks Massage Trinity!                    - Mrs. C. McKenzie
I took a year off from my massages because Massage Trinity helped to heal me from my previous sports injuries. What my body came to realize is how much it missed the deep tissue and neuro-muscular massages.Massage Trinity is a miracle worker!! They discovers knots that I had no idea existed and they work them out. Massage Trinity is an Angel with strong hands!!-------- Officer Jaden.
William Cure G.W.P. Bethlehem Grand Chapter O.E.S.
My Massage experience is the most exhilarating therapy I have ever had for relaxation and blood circulation treatment. Massage Trininty  is highly recommended to all !!!!
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